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Action-Thriller Novel - A Caller’s Game by Author J.D. Barker - Book Review

April 25, 2021 Laura Jay Season 3 Episode 6
Book Club Reporter Book Reviews
Action-Thriller Novel - A Caller’s Game by Author J.D. Barker - Book Review
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Action-Thriller Novel - A Caller’s Game by Author J.D. Barker - Book Review by Laura Jay.

  • Listen to my book review of this amazing action-thriller novel from author, J.D. Barker. 
  • A Caller’s Game is fun, irreverent, clever, addictive and wicked smart!
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BOOK REVIEW TRANSCRIPT –  A Caller’s Game - Action-Thriller Novel


Hello gentle readers. Welcome to Book Club Reporter Book Reviews Podcast. I’m your host and Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay. 


This is Season 3 - Episode 6


Today I am sharing with you my book review of  the action-thriller novel, A Caller’s Game written by author, J.D. Barker. 


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Alright, today’s book, a Caller’s Game is hands down my favorite thriller novel yet! So hang on, for an action-packed thrill ride of a story! 


This amazing thriller novel is my first read by author, J.D. Barker. A Caller’s Game engaged me right from the beginning. Within the first few minutes of listening to the audio version of this book, I can say the narration is superb and spot on. While this fast moving story is fraught with danger, it is also amazingly fun, irreverent, clever, addictive, and wicked smart!


A Caller’s Game starts off with two characters jumping out of their cars due to heavy Manhattan traffic that has come to almost a complete stop. Popular radio talk show personality, Jordan exits her car and is soon sprinting over and across the city’s crowded streets in a speedy break-neck effort to make it into her talk show recording studio before the show goes live.


Not too far behind Jordan is Cole, a police officer, who is actually an investigator who has been knocked down to a traffic beat due to a disciplinary action. Cole witnessed a woman exit and abandon her car in the middle of the street in the traffic jam. That woman is Jordan.


As Jordan bursts into her recording studio immediately goes on-air with her show’s callers. Cole arrives right behind her, but too late to enter the recording studio. It feels a lot like fate that Cole should become embroiled in all that occurs from here on. Billy, Jordon’s recording booth engineer, already has callers queued up for Jordan.


In no time at all, Jordan finds herself on the phone with a strange caller named Bernie. While weird callers to talk shows is not a particularly unusual situation, Jordan soon realizes Bernie not just your garden variety, odd or peculiar caller. Jordan soon finds herself unwittingly pulled into a dangerous game in which Bernie makes the all rules and calls all the shots. 


Author J.D. Barker has written an outstanding and brilliant thriller masterpiece in A Caller’s Game. This story will pull readers in and won’t let go. And in the end…there is so much for readers to think about. Barker leaves us with questions that need answers…like, what is really most important to us? 


A Caller’s Game brings to the surface the consequences of not just what we do, but also how we accomplish it. Of course, on the surface, it is clear that our actions, and the choices we make, have consequences. But there is also the lingering question of, who will suffer the consequences of our actions? And who will hold themselves responsible for those actions?  Basically, who will be held accountable and by whom?


The publisher describes A Caller’s Game as: “DIE HARD meets TALK RADIO in this heart-pounding, relentlessly fast-paced thriller…” And I completely agree. I came away from A Caller’s Game with these thoughts: 

  • J.D. Barker has taken the seemingly simple subject of right and wrong and left readers with much to consider.
  • And in what I consider to be quite impressive, Barker does not talk down to readers and is not accusatory of his characters.
  • Barker has an excellent grip on accountability. And he does so without preaching.
  • Instead he brings us a game, A Caller’s Game, that begins with: “I am going to give you a choice…”  
  • Then Barker leaves it up to us to decide upon the how, and the why, we make our choices…and we will play the game. 


Since this is the first book I have read by J.D. Barker, I had no idea what I was in for. A Caller’s Game, is a story I will never forget. And the richly developed characters are ones that will stay with me. In fact, I feel very sure that anytime I am faced with a difficult choice, I will remember and consider A Caller’s Game.  


So, I thank you, J.D. Barker. Thank you very much, for A Caller’s Game. 


Thank you so much for joining me today for this book review. I really appreciate you all stopping by and listening to my feelings about the books I read. 


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Thanks again for listening, see you next time.