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E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams

April 03, 2022 Laura Jay
E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams
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Book Club Reporter Book Reviews
E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams
Apr 03, 2022
Laura Jay

E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams

Book Review by Laura Jay, Book Club Reporter

"I wholeheartedly recommend Michael’s book: E&J. Michael’s common sense approach is refreshing and brings an important message to the Black youth of America". - Laura Jay

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E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams

Book Review by Laura Jay, Book Club Reporter

"I wholeheartedly recommend Michael’s book: E&J. Michael’s common sense approach is refreshing and brings an important message to the Black youth of America". - Laura Jay

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E & J – African-American-Contemporary-Fiction-Novel-Author-Michael-Angelo-Williams




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Hello gentle readers. Welcome to Book Club Reporter Book Reviews Podcast. I’m your host and Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay.  




This is Season 4 - Episode 8                                                      




Story Preview:


Today, coming up soon, I will be sharing with you my Book Club Reporter book review of E&J written by author, Michael Angelo Williams.




Author Participation Announcement:


In the meantime, I am excited to tell you the author will speak to us via an audio message in this podcast episode. Michael Angelo Williams has a message for us in which he tells us what inspired him to write his wonderful book, E&J. So hang in here with me to hear what Michael would like us to know.




Book Preview:


E & J, which I will describe as not only a must-read for African-American youth, but for all of us as well. I believe it is only when we come together that we will succeed in creating equality. 


Martin Luther King was a was a good and God-fearing man. Dr. King paved the way, now it’s up to the Afro-American youth of today to pick up the gauntlet and continue to work for what is right … and that is equality for all.


Having spoken with the author, Michael Angelo Williams, I am excited about Michael sharing information about his powerful and thought-provoking book with you and with all my podcast listeners.




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Book Description/Book Summary: 


Now, here is the book description of E&J. This book description, was derived from the publisher book summary:


Society is left appalled when the black couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have twin boys... one Black and one white!


The novel E&J revolves around the fictional tale of two fraternal twins named Esau and Jacob - or E and J. The twins experience a unique upbringing as fraternal brothers coming from same-race parents in an African-American-dominant neighborhood. 


The disparity and struggle both boys face reflects society's truth. We see this through the twins' behaviors, and through the life paths they choose, as portrayed through their love lives, friendships and their life challenges. How will the twins mediate with all that life throws at them?
E&J is centered at the heart of African American culture, shedding light on criminal operations, prostitution and nightlife. The book, however, travels beyond these themes with a focus on teenage-hood, family values, as well as racism and reverse racism.
Michael, does not shy away from raising the question of socialization as he carves into the matter of racism. His belief is that truth prevails all, hence the spiritual side and carnal acts of many African Americans, that causes division within a nation of people, is exposed in this novel. 




Introduction to Author Message:


As I mentioned earlier … the author, Michael Angelo Williams, would like to tell us, a little bit about his wonderful book: E&J. So Let’s listen to Michael right now: 




Message from the Author:

Author, Michael Angelo Williams. I introduce E&J Part One, a definite read in 2022. Twin brothers, one white, the other black, brings real-life episodes in every chapter. 


This mind-blowing novel contains all the ingredients: suspense, drama, action, biblical knowledge, and artwork all young adult readers can relate to. It illustrates on a high level that crime and sinful behavior is a way of life for many young African Americans. But it also shows young African Americans willing to stand against these wicked souls. 


Not only does my book focus on Blacks, but also Whites, Latinos, and other races on how many have become players in a destruction of self, communities and a country in which we live. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I witness many lives taken by their foolish choices. Skin color played no part … but rather a lack of proper thinking. Drug abuse among family members also played a critical role in my life. My uncle, Michael Kenneth Williams, a well-know actor died from drugs.


This is my message to teens, young adults and families: Be more wise, realize, we must not succumb to death, rather life. My book: E&J will show the reader not to look at life one way, rather a test … a spiritual test, for the improvement of self under the watchful eye of God.  Support this fictional masterpiece: E&J Part One.

 – Michael Angelo Williams





Thank You to the Author  - Michael Angelo Williams


“I thank you so much bringing your very important message to us, Michael. Your book, E&J is extraordinarily intuitive. 




Book Review


And that is why I can say to you, listeners, that I wholeheartedly recommend Michael’s book: E&J. Michael’s common sense approach is refreshing and brings an important message to the Black youth of America.


If I could wish for anything about this book, it would be to get it into the hands of Black youths throughout this country. 


There are choices being made every hour of every day, that can put a young person on the road to success or on the road to life-long ruin.


As adults, how do we reach out to and encourage young Black Americans to seize the day? And by that … I mean to seize the opportunities to improve their future. 


Let’s face it. None of us, no matter our color, can hope to succeed if we don’t deliberately put ourselves on the right path. E&J brings us a story of brothers who are on different paths.  And while they came from the same womb, and are raised by the same parents, they somehow find themselves on very different roads. 




Laura Jay’s Notes about E&J


I do have more to say about my feelings about Michael’s book, E&J. I say a lot of this on my website, my book review website, So I hope you’ll jump over there to, and read my full book review of E&J. Michael is on a mission here and I think we all need to jump in and help. 


And what I think is most important, and I’m sure Michael would agree,  is education. We want the Black youth in this country to know that their education is important to all of us … not just them … not just their families, but to this entire country. And I have seen (I’m old enough) I have seen so many young Black people improving their lives. A lot of the people that I have worked with over the years, I am now seeing those young Black youths becoming responsible adults, just like all of us should. And they are being promoted in their jobs. They are being promoted into  positions of great responsibility … and so they should be. They’re finishing their education. And not only are they getting college degrees, but they’re going back and working even it’s just part time at night, they’re getting their advanced degrees as well.  


This is what we need. This is what we need for the African-American youth in this country. But what can we do? We can educate ourselves, right? So, we can all educate ourselves. I don’t care whether you’re black, white, yellow, my children are not white. So I know just a little bit of what I’m talking about … I hope. So, but I wish for everyone … for all the young people in this country to be able to get a good education. And to go on to college and to also go on and go after some advanced degrees. This is going to improve your life greatly. I promise you that. 


So, sorry about that. I mean if you are regular listener you know that I just went off script big time. But … I just had to. I had to say the things that are on my mind about this particular subject. It’s so very important. 




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