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Resilient Transition - Inspirational Self Help Combating Stress and Anxiety

March 14, 2022 Laura Jay Season 4 Episode 7
Book Club Reporter Book Reviews
Resilient Transition - Inspirational Self Help Combating Stress and Anxiety
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Resilient Transition - Inspirational Self Help Combating Stress and Anxiety - written by author: Sa'eed Mustafa.

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Resilient-Transition-Inspirational-Self-Help–Novel - Combating The Feelings Of Stress & Anxiety   - Written by author: Sa’eed Mustafa formerly known as: Tyrone Foster-King . 




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Hello gentle readers. Welcome to Book Club Reporter Book Reviews Podcast. I’m your host and Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay.  




This is Season 4 - Episode 7                                                      




Story Preview:


Today I am sharing with you my Book Club Reporter book review of Resilient Transition: Combating The Feelings Of Stress & Anxiety written by author, Sa’eed Mustafa, formerly known as Tyrone Foster-King. 




Author Participation Announcement:

And I am excited to tell you that the author will speak to us via an audio message in this podcast episode. Saeed has a message for us in which he tells us what inspired him to write his wonderful book, Resilient Transition. So hang in here with me to hear what Saeed would like us to know.




Book Description:

Resilient Transition, which I will describe as an upbeat self-help book, is an easy “must-read” for any person experiencing a significant life changing transition. I will have more to say about this coming up in a couple of minutes.  


Having spoken with the author, Sa’eed Mustafa, I am excited about sharing information about his wonderful and uplifting book with you and with all my podcast listeners.




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Book Description/Book Summary: 

This book description, derived from the publisher book summary, includes heartfelt words from the author in which he explains to us, the readers, what we all can do to attain resilience by combating the feelings of stress and anxiety. 


Here is something Saeed Mustafa shares with readers in his must-read book, Resilient Transition:

“They say that the joy is in the journey, but sometimes, it can feel anything but that. Any type of change can be difficult, but it is especially hard for military veterans when we transition from military life to civilian life.”


“In the military, you learn to believe in a mission that is much bigger than yourself, demonstrated by those women and men who make the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow Soldiers and for their country. 


Yet, when you leave it, you find yourself struggling to find your new mission in the civilian world. Let my experience help you.”


“When you know the secrets that I discovered along my own journey, it can make the transition as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning. It can help remove all the unnecessary pain, trials, and tribulations during your transition process.”

I empower my readers to manifest their own realities. You are not helpless, and you have the power to demand what you want from your life and get it. I inspire my readers to build a resilient mindset to help in situations that may seem impossible to deal with.”


“Don't look at the transition from military life as the end of your life, rather look at it as the beginning of your new opportunity to find new mission and purpose in life and serve your community.”





Message from the Author:


Okay, listeners, as you may now have realized, Resilient Transition can be immensely helpful in your quest to attain resilience going forward in your life. As I mentioned earlier … the author, Saeed Mustafa, would like to tell us, a little bit about his wonderful book Resilient Transition. 


So Let’s hear from Saeed right now: 


“In this book, I offer strategies for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. My solutions are rooted in the science of music therapy, universal laws of attraction philosophy, energy healing, and a resilient mindset, all of which have immensely helped me in my own transition. I now plan to share the wisdom gained through years of experience gathered from all over the world …with you! And your podcast listeners.” – Saeed Mustafa




Thank You to the Author  - Saeed Mustafa


“I thank you so much, Saeed. Your book is incredibly insightful and offers real life, sensible and completely doable strategies, for military veterans, and for so many other folks out there suffering through life transitions, in whatever form that may take, for each and every individual.” – Laura Jay




Book Review

Now, here is my book review of Resilient Transition.


And listener’s I am going to weave a significant situation of my past into my book review of Resilient Transition. 


First, I must tell you that I shared with Saeed something that happened to me when I was just a young bank teller. So yes, I had a significant life incident that caused me extreme anxiety and stress. 


And that in itself is great example of how the tenents of Saeed’s Resilient Transition are so wonderfully useful for anyone experiencing any kind of stress and/or anxiety.


Okay, here is my story: I was a young woman working as a bank teller. I looked up from my teller window to see a bank robber focused only on me. I froze when he aimed his gun right between my eyes and shouted commands at me, yet I remained frozen. 

The robber kept yelling at me that he was going to blow my head off, because I was not giving him the money fast enough.  That’s because even though I began trying to give him the money, my hands were trembling so badly the money kept dropping from my hands on to my teller desk. 


Finally, with way less money than he’d planned on, the robber fled the bank. And luckily, or by the grace of God, my head was not blown off.


But … I left my job that day. And I and never went back. I went home and I didn’t leave my apartment for about a month. I was afraid to go outside, I was afraid to take a shower, and I was afraid to fall asleep. 


Eventually, I pulled myself together, but not until after I moved to a completely different part of the country to begin a new life. 


But you know what? After all these years, when I look back, I can see how much better my life became after my move across the country. And I wondered how I had managed to make a better life for myself after such a harrowing and debilitating experience? Honestly, I never knew how … until now. 


It was because I dealt with the stress and anxiety by performing, and immersing myself in, a time-consuming in-depth study of various cities around the USA looking for one with good job opportunities and a better standard of living then where I was living at the time of the robbery. 


So as you can see, somehow … after the robbery I became resilient. I had decided to focus on bettering my life. And I spent all my waking hours strategizing a major geographical move. 


I’m not saying it was easy, but for me, it was the only way forward. Without even realizing it, I was beginning to refocus my thoughts on what I would do with the life that wasn’t taken away from me by the robber. 


That is precisely why I loved reading Saeed Mustafa’s Resilient Transition. Reading Saeed’s book helped me recognize that I did the necessary work to deal with my feelings of stress and with my tremendous anxiety.


I also realized, in addition to performing that in-depth research and moving across the country, I also immersed myself in music (and music is one of the main features of Saeed’s plan for Resilient Transition)!


I have loved music for as long as I can remember. When I was a teen-ager, I didn’t realize I had invented the first boom-box. Well … not really, but I had a large rectangular battery operated transistor radio that I carried with me blaring all my favorite singers, like Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, the Carpenters, and of course all the bands that came with the “British Invasion.” 


A few years later, after the robbery, and without my old transistor radio. I was still always singing along with all my favorites. One of my favorites was John Denver’s Country Roads: ”take me home where I belong…” I sang with emotion.

 And I sang away my anxiety, anger and fear. In the beginning I came to realize I was singing mostly sad songs, I suppose because it matched my feelings at the time. I realized the sad music was bringing me down. Especially, Karen Carpenter singing Super Star with the lyric : “Loneliness is such a sad affair.”


But then when the lowest point came … I made a turn-around and a deliberate decision to only listen to happy music. I found spiritual music quite uplifting as well. And guess what happened? I actually came out of my situation much stronger … and much happier than I had ever been. And the biggest bonus is, I can look back on all of it and recognize that I took a terrible experience and used it to make a better life for myself. 


And that is why, dear listeners, I can wholeheartedly recommend Saeed’s book: Resilient Transition. I might have come out of my funk, much quicker if Resilient Transition had been around back then. But the great news is, Resilient Transition is here now. And it can help you and/or someone you care about.


If you or someone you love is suffering from stress and anxiety, it is time to come out of the dark and into the light. And it is time to begin working on living your best life. 


And I would highly recommend your first step to begin with reading Resilient Transition. It’s a very easy read. It can speak to all of us. And yet it comes with so many invaluable ideas for dealing with stress and anxiety no matter the source, and no matter who you are. 


And as far as music, if you need a pick-me-up, I can recommend listening to Nancy Wilson singing The Best Is Yet To Come accompanied by Gerald Wilson and his Orchestra. Yep, it’s old … but it is awesome! 


I can never feel sad listening to that song. And if that is just too old-fashioned for you take a look at the song list in Resilient Transition. Yes! Saeed, included a song list in his book! And, if I could add any one song to his list it would be Overcomer, as sung by Mandisa. 




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